3D Lamp Sweden by Twixie-Pixie

The 3D lamp makes children's room bright, stylish and colourful.

Once the lamp turn ON the image become 3 dimensional and very realistic,great fun way of iluminnaiting with your choice of design. 

 Great gift for the whole family

New Control of your room        ambience 

   7 colour mode to suit any           mood


Funky 3D lamp to illuminate your room or work desk with design that fit your style.

               7 colour mode

We are the only company that sell the 3D Lamps with USB & Electric plug.

Now FREE fast delivery for all Europe.

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  Handmade with love

 We have been travelling the world to find unique gifts and handmade garments.

In beautiful Nepal we stopped to breath the fresh mountain air and found amazing craftsmen and mainly craft women doing what they been doing for hundreds of years.

With their knowledge and skills and our feeling of designs together we created Twixie-Pixie's well known funky range of Felt gifts for the whole family.

Thanks and Happy shopping from the

Twixie-Pixie family.