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Felt Elf Slippers- kids

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Twixie-Pixie bespoke trendy handmade Elf Felt Slippers.
The Elf Slippers model is one of our best seller, each per is handmade from felt to keep the feet warm and it has great funky Elf design with many small bells on the top to suit the holiday time .
Great gift for the whole family for Christmas.
The Elf slippers comes in all sizes from babies 18/19 to big foot 46 and in 3 colours option pink black(only for adult size 36 and up) and red.
Lather Sole on each per for long usage and prevent slipperiness on wooden floor.
  A colourful handmade collection of crafted designs by 
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        The Twixie-Pixie family :)