TWIXIE-PIXIE Premium Luxury Felt Cat Cave Bed (Large) –


TWIXIE-PIXIE Premium Luxury Felt Cat Cave Bed (Large)

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Handmade with Soft 100% Merino Wool -Keeps Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer -Thick Firm Shape -Included Felt Ball Cat Toy and Travel Bag

  • - 100% MERINO WOOL – Each cat cave bed is handmade with love and 100% luxurious thick Merino Wool. Your loveable cat will love to cuddle up in the extremely soft and cozy cat cocoon bed. Made with Care and Love and is extremely easy to clean
  • - LARGE MODERN CAT BED – A spacious and cozy hideout for kittens and cats, small or large. Also makes a great comfy bed for small dogs! Your cat will love to curl up inside and have their own little space to hide. The soft, flexible felt also makes the cat cave suitable to sleep on top of. Keeps your kitty Warm in the winter and Cool in the summer
  • - GREAT FOR TRAVEL – We include a cotton travel bag to make traveling with your cat even easier. Make your cat feel at home no matter where you go! Whether you are on a road trip, at a hotel, or friend house - your kitten will love the familiar smells and soft bed to make them feel at home
  • - EXTRAS INCLUDED – Included with our premium and cozy felt cat cave is a felt ball cat toy so your little kitten or cat can have fun playing between comfortable naps. The cat house bed also features a pocket on the back to store the ball, and other toys!
  • NOVELTY DESIGNS– A beautifully designed Merino Wool Cat Cave Bed, Classic design in Cream tone, bed for cat & kitten with MY CRIB  felt text, Black or  Rainbow design that add classic look and fun to any room! 

  Large Size: 

  • 19" diameter
  • 12" height
  • 8" entrance